Hot Water Systems

Servicing, Repairs and Installation

If you are looking for a new or replacement hot water system installation, be it for a commercial or residential property, talk to us at Bunbury Plumbing Services. As well-established plumbers we have a solution for all your hot water plumbing requirements. Whether it’s a lack of hot water pressure, a faulty system, or you’re tired of running out of hot water mid-shower, we’ll send a plumber over to assess the problem and provide you with a cost-effective solution.

We can also assist with brand new installations. This includes advice on which heater system best suits your requirements, the removal of existing systems and a comprehensive installation service. Choosing the right hot water heater can be daunting, with a variety of products available. No need to worry, our knowledgeable tradesmen will assist you in identifying the electric, gas, instantaneous/continuous flow, heat pump, or water heater system that will be the most effective and energy-efficient in your unique home or business environment.

In addition we can also advise you on unit capacity, running costs and safety features. At Bunbury Plumbing Services, we pride ourselves on our professional installation of quality hot water systems that will save you time, money and stress.

When it comes to installing a new system we will advise which heater system is best suited to your needs. Our options vary from gas, to electric and solar.

Rheem hot water systems

The Rheem commercial water heater systems are robust and designed for the demands of business and industry. We offer you an extensive range of energy-efficient systems including solar, gas or electric storage, continuous flow, heat pump, boiling water or warm water.

Rinnai hot water systems

We supply a range of Rinnai single and twin element electric storage tanks, gas storage tanks and heat pumps, which are ideal solutions for replacing your existing system. We also have a range of different sizes to ensure there is a hot water tank suitable for your needs.

Vulcan hot water systems

We also supply the full range of Vulcan gas and electric hot water systems, including their gas boosted indirect systems, and their 4-star gas hot water system.

If you want you want hot water with high pressure and low maintenance, we have a solution for you.

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