General Plumbing Services 24/7

Emergency Repairs

We at Bunbury Plumbing Services have our own plant and equipment that includes:

  • Excavating machines,
  • Bobcat and Tip Truck,
  • High Pressure Drain Cleaning equipment
  • Septic Waste Tankers,
  • Concrete cutting and drilling gear
  • In pipe colour video camera
  • Electronic leak detection equipment

By having this equipment on hand we can respond immediately and not have to reply on other contractors in after hours or emergency situation.

Sewer Conversions

When comparing quotes for this important job you should ask your plumber these important questions:

  • Do you have a current plumbing licence
  • Obtain a copy of the Water Corporation/Plumbing Licencing Board permits to carry out this specific job.
  • Make certain all of the plumbing fixtures are connected to the sewer connection point (some properties have several separate soak wells and septic tanks).
  • The septic tanks have to be decommissioned and filled in (this can be a costly process as the tanks have to be pumped out, the concrete bases broken up, and then back filled with sand and compacted).
  • Have the final inspection carried out by The Plumbing Licensing Board.

If your plumber can’t or won’t answer these points, you may not be getting your job done correctly.

Backflow Testing

Where the devices are fitted to your premises, it is a requirement that they be tested for correct operation 12 monthly. We have the required licence and equipment to do this for you.


Hot Water Systems

When your hot water unit fails we provide a speedy service that will have hot water back in your system as soon as practical.

On the weekend when shops are closed, we have a temporary electric unit that we can fit and have working for you, until we can source a replacement for your broken unit.


Other Services

  • In pipe full colour video inspection system
  • Electronic leak detection equipment
  • High pressure hot or cold drain cleaning machines
  • Service of hot and cold water dispensing units eg Zip Water Boilers
  • Connecting Air Conditioning units
  • Connecting Ice Machines
  • Fridges and under sink water boilers/chillers
  • Gas appliance installations, testing and servicing including bayonet points
  • Cable locating and metal detect